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The Solution

With years of case studies, we have a proven process that works with NO MEDICATION.

Our Approach

The approach Dry Point Solutions brings to the proper correction of bedwetting is built on a solid foundation of many decades of successful case studies. This approach dates back to the early 1950’s. Dry Point Solutions continues to add to that legacy by guiding each family to the result it seeks, a Dry Bed.

We are Totally Interactive

• Our program is managed step-by-step from the beginning visit until dryness is achieved.

• Each enuretic (bedwetter) is assigned his or her own personal Case Director who will guide them every step of the way!

• We are the only company which conducts an individual personal assessment with each family in the privacy of their own home to determine whether or not a case can be accepted.

• We guarantee each case if we accept it.

• Because enuresis is mostly hereditary, many families have used this program from generation to generation: Grandparent, Parent and Child. All Cured!


Your personal Case Director analyzes your pattern of bedwetting and develops individualized directions to assist you in achieving a Dry Bed as quickly and thoroughly as possible.

Comparing the Benefits

• As the child continues to wet, he or she cannot help but develop a feeling that they are different, but not in a good way!

• If your child has ever hidden their bedding or pajamas, you can be assured they are very aware what is happening is simply not normal!

• Imporved attention span, being able to stay with an idea or project.

• Eliminate the high-cost of diapers and daily laundry. Happier parents!!!

Wouldn't it be great?

• To have the ability to go to camp or a sleepover without fear, or experiencing the stress of your “wet bed” being discovered?

• No more hiding your diaper before someone finds it!

What is the most compelling reason for a family to choose Dry Point Solutions to help resolve a bedwetting problem? Simply put, we are here, first and foremost, to help you understand what causes Nocturnal Enuresis, commonly called bedwetting.