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Re-roofing is a big opportunity to put money back in your pocket, ease your mind and better protect your home and everything in it. *By installing a qualifying impact resistant roofing product, you may be eligible to receive a significant annual discount on your homeowners insurance premiums for life of the roof!

Choosing a premium laminated shingles is one of the best ways to improve the visual appeal and market value of your home. After all, up to 40 percent of your home’s exterior may show as roofing – so your choice of a shingle is no small detail. The rich, dimensional appearance of the right shingles makes a real statement.

Premium shingles feature a variety of distinctive roofing products in a wide range of colors, thickness and options, designed to provide your home with the best protection around. If you’re looking for an ideal roof for your climate, your neighborhood, or your home, contact Advanced Roofing Systems, Inc. for a experience Roofing Professional with an A+ BBB rating.

There are many choices when it comes to roofs. Advanced Roofing Systems has 37 years experience and we know that not all roofs are created equal. That is why we only utilize the highest quality materials and workman ship. Call us to discuss your concerns and we will match you with the highest quality materials and workmanship in the industry!


The reasons can be summed up in one sentence: For the way it looks, and the way it lasts. Few other roofing products are as aesthetically appealing, and even fewer can be called truly lasting solutions. Tile roofs have passed the test of time in virtually every region and climate around the world from Neolithic China as early as 10,000 B.C. to present day. Travel anywhere throughout Europe, the Middle East or South America and you will find that tile has been a major component of building throughout history.

Today, is is the ability to combine superior aesthetics and durability that distinguish MonierLifeTile from its competition. From the multitude of tile profiles and colors, which are protected by our exclusive Non-Prorated, Fully Transferable Limited Lifetime Warranty, to Roof System Components, a comprehensive offering of components that can help enhance an installation, thereby improving the roof’s performance qualities and prolonging its lifespan, only MonierLifetile offers a tile roof that unites both beauty and performance.

MonierLIfetile is leading the industry to such an extent that it has evolved into more than a roof tile manufacturer; it has become a tile innovator.

Aesthetic Innovation.

Taking form and function to new heights.

Our product development philosophy is one of aesthetic innovation. Our concrete tile roofs emulate the aesthetic qualities of natural roofing materials used throughout the Old World – wood, slate and clay – while protecting their structures and providing the durability of modern impact resistant roofs. We not only offer colors that replicate the nuances which appear in there materials naturally, we also provide color selections that complement today’s design trends. For every creative vision, there’s a range of colors from MonierLifetile to fulfill it.

As the industry leader, MonierLifetile builds upon the rich tradition of tile roofs by continually innovating new products and colors that are regionally relevant, timely and progressive. Aesthetic innovation is evident in our colors, profiles, even our functional components that can help enhance an installation’s structural integrity.

The many styles and colors resulting from aesthetic innovation give our customers the ability to complement any architectural style, whatever and wherever it may be. The result is curb appeal that’s impossible to achieve with any other roofing product.


DECRA Tile is pressure formed zinc / aluminum alloy coated steel with an acrylic bonded stone chip finish. The stone coating resists fading and UV penetration.



When you are looking at flat roofing, keep in mind that there are two major types of flat roofing. Both are suitable for Colorado’s climate.

  • The first, EPDM, is a single-ply membrane, bonded to the roof deck or loose laid with a ballast system.
  • The second is modified roofing with granulated membrane either applied via hot application or a cold adhesive system.
  • We Service, Repair, and Install Most Flat Roofing Systems.



Vertical Seams

  • Architectural / Structural Standing Seam Roof Panel
  • 12″, 16″ or 18″ Panel Coverage, 1-3/4″ Rib Height
  • Gauges: 26-Gauge and 24-Gauge Standard, 22-Gauge Optional
  • Snap-Together Panel System, Minimum Roof Slope: 3:12
  • Factory-Applied Side Lap Sealant
  • Concealed Clip Designed for Thermal Movement
  • Accommodates up to 4″ Blanket Insulation
  • Applies over Open Framing or Solid Substrate