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There is no doubt that Colorado is the BEST PLACE TO MOVE TO. We live here, we get it. Colorado is flourishing. Everywhere you look, no matter if you are in the heart of the city, east, west or wherever you are in the state, Colorado is taking off. The 300 days of sun we experience a year, are bringing an estimated 8,000 people a week. With that, we know there is a lot of great investment opportunity for either residential or commercial opportunity.

According to recent articles, we are expected to have more start-ups, tech companies, and a vast variety of different markets available to the Colorado area. The growing population has spurred a boom in real estate development downtown, you can see the numerous new buildings and businesses that are expanding our small metropolis. The expanding market is extremely attractive to new businesses, boutiques, restaurants and Colorado nightlife.

If you are thinking about becoming an investor in Colorado real estate, or part of the Colorado community it is important to line up professionals to help you make offers when you find them. Colorado is the Nation’s leader on fewest days that homes stay on the market. It’s best to let an IMG professional, keep you on top of it. Colorado is averaging 23 days a property remains on the market, crushing the national average of 59 days. Let IMG help you make the best real estate investment, call our team today.

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