Rent Management

We take the hassle out of finding the right tenant to take care of and live in your rental property. We believe our tenants, should rent as if they owned the property. Taking care of it, and in turn alleviating stressful rent situations. Contact our team, and we can walk you through our step-by-step selection process that keeps both landlord and tenant happy.

Our in depth financial bookkeeping and monthly statements will not only keep you on top of your investment on a monthly basis but it will prepare you for sale, when ready. We continually evaluate your P&L statement and balance sheet on a weekly basis to help increase income and save on other costs that may be getting out of control. Our monthly statements can’t be beat. Our accountants prepare a multi-page packet, EVERY month the will show you how your property is performing. We take pride in everything we do because we do it differently. We are Colorado Licensed brokers and have certain ethics and principles we abide to—unlike some property managers. Is your property manager licensed? We can provide free rent roll analysis and show you where you could be losing money. We have properties all over the Denver area, giving us crucial data on a real-time basis. Finally, it doesn’t matter whether you are new to investing or a veteran—we know the business so you won’t have to.

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